Schedule your skin glow plan before the festive season starts. Read the below mentioned 5 Effective Steps for the Glowing & Radiant Skin carefully, and enjoy your festival with a healthy skin:


CTM stands for Cleansing; Toning & Moisturizing. Cleansing – Use a right ph balanced and non greasy cleanser. Clean your face at least twice a day. Toning– use Tone aloe-vera based toner. Moisturizing –  To keep your skin supple, moisturize it.


Use papaya or banana oatmeal scrub to remove dead cells and patchy skin.


For Hydration use tender coconut water and pro-biotic buttermilk, and also drink enough water. 

Sun block 

To wash off tan, once a day, use natural turmeric milk or saffron. 

Fruits & Vegetables 

Daily eat five different portions of fruits and veggies.

And now you can make your festivities and celebrations colorful and add fun.


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