Artificial Hair transplant

Artificial hair transplant or synthetic hair transplantation is best alternative solution for that patient who is suffering from latent stage of baldness or not have sufficient donor site of follicular units. Synthetic hair transplant is a very much accepted and admired all over Delhi as well world-wide India because usual alike fibre hairs were implanted in the head single strand by strand by FUE which have same characteristics like natural existing hair in color, thickness and feel. In artificial hair implantation, doctor insert synthetic hairs have a loop in the last part by which it fixed clench contained by skull after surgery. Synthetic hair in free directional by which patient can formulate any hair style in any direction and offer full head of hairs with natural appearance. There are 2 verities of synthetic artificial nylon made fibre hair available in the market:-

  1. Synthetic artificial nylon made fibre hair made in Italy known as Bio-fibres (MEDICAP);
  2. Synthetic artificial nylon made fibre hair made in Japan known as NIDO.

Both artificial synthetic hairs were available in dissimilar color, thickness and feel. Synthetic fibre hairs were prepared by organic polyamide fibre which is internationally well-reckoned by various hair restoration societies due to several years’ research behind these artificial hairs.  At our hair clinic in Delhi, we are undertaking this technique for more than half decade with best result for men’s as well as female hair loss suffers. Utmost figures of victorious artificial hair transplant have been executed at our centre for both male along women hair loss suffers.

Main advantages of our clinic are the pace of grafting, experience and correctness of grafting along with 100% natural hair line with usual appearance in the end result. We have a team of doctors and technicians who can perform 4000+ follicular artificial grafts in single session. Synthetic hair transplant is best option for those patients who want instant result, have not adequate contributor region follicular units and can get any desired density with natural upshot. In case of NRI clients who don’t have time for wait and want to get it done whole surgery in one to two days by which they can secure money and travel time. Synthetic hairs were accessible between 15 to 30 cm long hairs lengths by which patient don’t have to wait for 6 to 8 months time span which normally takes in FUE or FUHT hair transplantation.

Synthetic hair transplant is also very handy procedure to correct the hair line of the patient who already undergone wrong hair implantation surgery or have huge area of hair loss and those individual who don’t wish to wait for few months time period which usually take in normal hair transplantation.

Synthetic hair implantation is the only hair transplantation surgery by which doctor can conceal Alopecia also. Artificial synthetic hair was accessible in different hair length, color shad, straight/ curly and thickness. Plastic surgeon can chose grade of synthetic hair by which he/she can deliver 100% natural end result by matching precisely both hairs. These artificial hairs can be washed, shampooing and comb act like natural existing hair.

At single time span, synthetic follicular units can be implanted single strand by strand. At the end part of artificial hair these is a loop which get hold with skull properly these fibrosis take place at the end point which increase potency of synthetic hair to the skull. If patient have doubt then he/she proceed for test of 200 to 300 synthetic hair testing after seeing the result patient can proceed for mega session after test patch session of artificial hair implantation. Number of synthetic hair desire for implantation is entirely depending upon size of baldness of the patient. In single mega session of artificial hair implantation, doctor can execute 4000+ follicular units in single day session. That is thoroughly painless, no scar and insignificant blood trouncing.

Advantages of Synthetic or Artificial hair implantation:-

  • Rapid result procedure.
  • No scars or stitches occur.
  • Achievable any hair length and density.
  • Best for latent stage of hair loss as well as in Alopeica.
  • Patient can achieve instant hair length not wait like in FUE or FUHT hair transplantation which takes 6 to 8 months for hair growth.
  • Outstanding superficial recognition.
  • These synthetic hair appear precisely akin to natural existing hairs
  • It is in actual fact incredibly hard to distinguish these artificial hairs with existing hairs.
  • Very best hair loss alternative solution in case of inadequate benefactor area.
  • Disadvantages of Synthetic hair implantation:-
  • Not enduring resolution like FUE or FUHT.
  • Artificial hair implantation is now an impermanent way out for hair loss as convenient hair loss between 12-22% shed down of synthetic hair for every year.
  • Customary maintenance of these hairs: – close at hand is development of sebum point at the follicular synthetic units. So, these have to be uncontaminated on habitual base (formerly in 1-2 months).
  • Breakdown to accomplish so swell probability: – Hair fall of these supplementary hairs happens.
  • Maintenance is a effortless course of action: – anyone be able to accomplish it subsequent to a petite crumb of instruction.

Test patch of small session surgery: – Patient can proceed for test session of 200 to 500 synthetic hair implantation sessions. In case of rejection or infection of this complementary synthetic hair, doctor has to pull out this additional hair after patch test.

Standard preservation: – In these additional hair, patient have to bring into play a few unusual shampoos and conditioners.

At a halt of these restrictions, artificial hair transplant has established to be a superior way out for hair loss in latent stage patients or have inadequate benefactor contribute.