Assessment FUE vs. FUHT hair surgery

In FUE hair restoration, plastic surgeon put together exploit microscopic punching device to dig up hair follicles single strand by strand once in a time span, while in FUHT Strip harvesting progression, doctor can eradicated narrow bit of skin from back head site of donor region of patient through carving knife.

In FUE hair restoration surgery, plastic surgeon can take out hair follicle units from flip side as well as from any part of the body Like beard, chest, thighs, pubic, armpit and so on; so body hair transplantation can be execute only through FUE . Whereas in FUHT hair surgery, it has been restricted region of donor site and to take out skin only from back head of the patient so in this technique chronological province of donor site.

In FUHT hair restoration surgery, doctor will take 6 to 8 hours to execute whole operation and In FUE that is most time consuming than FUHT because mostly operation performs by doctor in spite of technicians and single hair follicles pull out one by one.

After FUHT Hair restoration surgery, the suture  get 2 to 3 week to cure well strip harvesting while in FUE hair restoration surgery patient be able to get back usual activities after a week or 10 days long no scars plus no suture involve in FUE progression.

In FUE only small session up to 2000 + grafts can be inserted whereas in FUHT mega session of 4000 to 5000+ grafts can be inserted. For latent stage of baldness FUHT hair surgery is best than FUE hair restoration while FUHT create linear disfigurement after surgery whiles no such blemish ensuing in FUE surgery.

Regarding cost factor FUE is more expansive than cheapest FUHT hair restoration.