BHT (Body Hair transplant)

BHT (Body Hair transplant):- “Body is an unconstrained resource of benefactor hair follicular units”.

Body hair transplantation is advanced description of FUE hair restoration surgery; BHT is best option for those patients who do not have adequate Donor site of hair follicles on the skull for usual hair transplantation. BHT is principally performing ahead on Male Pattern Baldness or dormant stage of baldness in which patient have tiny donor site follicular units. In Body hair transplantation, Plastic surgeon bring into play benefactor spot hair grafts from beard, chest, shoulders, abdomen, thighs, legs, arms, underarm, pubic area and so on. A number of individuals identify BHT as upper body hair transplant however predominantly it has resources the chest to dole out since contributor region.

Despite the fact that there is for eternity a little disparity in feel, width and direction of the hair engaged commencing erstwhile fraction however it is in fact bestow miscellaneous benefits in numerous stages in the vein of

  1. Inadequate contributor region on head (class V, VI VII hair loss suffers) seem to be cover up the whole region.
  2. Accomplish privileged thickness is from time to time awfully thorny known the constraint of follicles that be able to dig up from cranium in solitary session.
  3. A number of hair loss suffers like birth marks, burning case et cetera.

Body Hair transplantation is usually execute through FUE only not FUHT system for the reason that doctor have to take donor follicles as per patient body hair availability so he/she have to extract  hair grafts single strand by strand. BHT FUE do not abscond no linear disfigurement after operation. Beard follicular grafts is for the most part appropriate as its hair follicles counterpart precisely through the head hair follicles in thickness, direction along feel moreover too since hair grafts from beard is well thought-out superior and permanent lasting than other body part hair follicles.

Candidates who ought to go through Body Hair Transplantation:-

Our experienced doctors usually observe patients who encompass a huge area of hair loss or have dreadfully feeble contributor vicinity and that hair loss suffers which have to catch frequent hair transplant surgery sessions otherwise have wedged a little class of alopecia like hair loss problem. It is significant to comprehend so as to if the benefactor region follicular units are feeble; it is primarily to be expected to make out conciliation in consequence.

Patient in the midst of deficient hair grafts in the contributor region are incongruous for a customary hair transplant.
Those hair follicular grafts which are taken out through exploit unusual punching system so as to hardly ever lasting observable holes last. The main advantage of Phc hair clinic is to facilitate flush in particular hair loss segment almost non noticeable petite disfigurement is left following from the region where pulling out grafts have been proceed.

Discrepancy involving FUE vs. BHT-FUE:-

The method of body hair transplantation is fundamentally advanced version of FUE in which doctor extract out donor site follicular unit single strand by strand. The benefactor region expands as of immediately cranium hair to chest, shoulder, under arm, abdomen, thighs, pubic area, beard, legs and so on. BHT is bringing into play first and foremost in baldness cases where the benefactor vicinity on the skull is not sufficient by which doctor can exert out dense follicular grafts from other body follicular units.
Subsequently plastic surgeons accomplish the progression of prospect of follicular grafts from body part to execute hair restoration surgery. If the thickness, feel and direction of body follicular grafts exactly match with patient head follicular units then BHT can be proceed.
The follicular units engaged in BHT are acknowledged to encompass diverse augmentation succession excluding a tangible learning is hitherto to establish. What’s more these are dissimilar commencing head follicular units seeing that these enclose merely 1 hair contrast  with head follicular unit which consist of 3 to 4 hair groups.

Points to remember in BHT-FUE:-

  • The skill, experience and artistic dexterity of plastic surgeon plays vital role in BHT hair surgery. The most imperative part in BHT-FUE surgery is to identify precisely the characteristics of body follicular units with head follicular units to create best result of hair transplantation surgery.
  • Another aspect of the understanding, awareness and skill of BHT surgeon, Anastasia and technicians.  It is noteworthy for the explanation that the way plus feel were dissimilar. Consequently the identical necessitate to be assorted appropriately with head hair characteristics.
  • The progression of accurate pulling out contributor follicular units, storage space along with cold survival of the dig out follicular units.
  • The incisions that decide the way of follicular unit hairs ought to be prearranged awfully vigilantly.
  • Least amount falling transplanted rate (FTR): A suspicious loom as well as the utilization of the precise system, destructive as hardly any follicular units as feasible.