Blemishes after FUE hair surgery

FUE cropped follicle units’ formulate diminutive, encompassing and characteristically  white pockmark which is in medical terms known as “pits” at the particular region where doctor extracted the follicles from benefactor spot.

The disfigurement happen in FUE surgery is entirely different from FUHT because in FUE single grafts were extracted out so it create a minute pits but in FUHT whenever plastic surgeon take out stripe of skin from donor site it formulate a linear disfigurement on the contributor site for eternally.

In FUE, a very minute pit which is produce on benefactor site is hardly to notice even patient trimmed out entire hairs but in FUHT linear scar is foremost visible even in medium hair cut.

Even the ending of the curative progression moreover consequently the facade of disfigurement tissue vessels which is relies on numerous capricious.

In mutually FUE and FUHT hair restoration progression, petite harvested graft hair will be visible mostly whenever patient take small hair cut or trimmed out the cranium and an outsider can see  divulge a few disfigurement.