You can count on your finger tips to those who are really happy with their look of hair.  Those who have curly hair wish to have straight hair and those who are having straight wish curly hair. As a result there is always a regular rush to salons to straighten up curly hair and to curl up straight hair. This is today’s scenario about the look of hair. Everyone today are preferring for instant, intake instant food, for instant results use of modern hair styling equipments, but what is important for us to understand is that all these instant ways preferred are harmful and not natural.

Now we’ll see how and what is harmful for our hair, due to extreme heat and use of artificial chemicals while pressing and curling are harmful for us and our hair too.

Depending on the type of hair and its length each and every person reacts to these treatments differently. For undergoing these treatments, it has become a trend in people that they use the references of their peers. Always keep in mind it is not necessary that the treatment which is useful for your friend will also be beneficial for you too.

To caution you, I’ve brought to your notice, it is not my intention to discourage you.  To get these treatment done think about it, be-aware of what can possibly go wrong and then proceed.

Probable Harmful Effects

  1. Hair Fall

The weakness in hair follicles can led into breakage of hairs from the roots and this is caused due to the use of Improper techniques and poor chemicals.

  1. Dryness 

The natural moisture is washed off permanently and the hair becomes dry due to Hair straightening. Also avoid the use of dryer and oil your hair frequently.

  1. Allergy 

Due to the use of chemicals it may led to allergic reaction. It is advisable to do a test before the use of these hair styling treatments. No need to go to any clinic or lab & to wait for reports. It is just a small & home based test.

On your arm apply the chemical to be used for these treatments and wait for 24 hours. But borne in mind that there are chances that the chemical can cause a delayed allergic reaction when came into contact or exposed to sun or even after few days. At this situation take a medical help if it happens so. If no reaction is seen, go can proceed with the treatment.

When you see if your hair is not harmed with home hair care products, you will feel it was worth the investment. I doesn’t mean that hair straightening and pressing should be completely avoided, go for regular hair care, select a stylist carefully and use good quality styling products.

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