FUHT (Follicular Unit Hair Transplant)

FUHT (Follicular Unit Hair Transplant or Strip Harvesting):- FUT is an oldest technique of surgical hair restoration surgery and cheapest cost in each and every procedure of hair transplant in Delhi Ncr.

FUHT is a hair recuperation classification to transfer patient hair grafts or follicles from flip side head skin in which numerous hair follicles are available which one by one cut by medical knife and inserted into baldness region single strand by strand. FUHT is the only hair transplant procedure in which doctor can insert more than 4000+ hair follicles in a single hefty hair transplant surgery session that is why cost of hair transplant is cheapest. Hair follicle is usually transpire in assemblage of 3 to 4 hairs but that is a follicle transplant and cost calculate as per hair follicle not hair so commonly known as Follicular Unit transplant. A follicular unit moreover enclose with sebaceous gland, nervous system, pili muscle tissues and well resistance of baldness villus hair.

Inside wounding periphery Follicular Unit Transplant these tiny entity consent offer high-quality towards firmly follicular transplant a huge numeral of follicles in a solitary session, which enhance the counteractive result of Follicular Unit hair transplant surgery under anesthesia.

FUHT is a painstaking sophisticated hair transplant procedure with the opinion of that it bestow an additional natural glance while contrast with old punch hair transplant surgery that is why punching hair transplant procedure now-a-days obsolete due to unnatural result with very long session course of action.

If FUHT surgery perform by experienced plastic surgeon then patient can see the end result of hair surgery was 100% natural appearance so that is also called Natural hair transplant surgery in Delhi.

FUHT hair restoration result was unbeatable, natural, undetectable, can be cut and wash just like usual hair no special take care of these transplanted hair  takes place.