FUHT Hair Surgery

FUHT hair surgery is consent to numerous (Mega sitting) of hair transplantation in a single day direct session of surgery.

  • These hair re-enactment is able to be over and done with hastily in order that patient has no intervention among his/her every day regular activities.
  • A better integer of hair follicles is able to form for the detaching so as to regularly epoch depart with a hair restoration surgery called Telogen effluvium (that is a spontaneous progression origin through a metabolism stress or hormones disorder or side-effects of medicines.)
  • By immense extent of follicles in each sitting put aside the benefactor furnish by lessening the figure of period engrave be complete in the beneficiary region.
  • Extort considerable amount of follicles furnish adequate 3 to 4-hair group in a single follicle, compose an elusive anterior hairline in addition to sufficient 3 to 4-groups of hairs in a single graft offer patient the bursting  density with natural hairstyle with permanent growing natural hair.