Norwood Grade

Norwood Grade

Hair Transplant in Delhi – contrast of hair transplant cost in Delhi stand lying on hair loss stage

Grade 2 

  • In Grade 2 hair loss case, patient can go non surgical hair loss treatments like laser treatment, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) or any medical remedial treatment.
  • Per session of PRP s more expansive, so better you take overall package to reduce cost or per session of Platelet Rich Plasma.
  • In case if a patient desire to go for hair transplant session then doctor can formulate dense hair line and patient not necessitate hanging around a long duration of time which take in non-surgical hair treatment.
  • Per session cost of PRP is Rs 10,000 and number of PRP session as per case of patient.
  • Number of grafts required as patient case, doctor can recommend patient number of follicular units.
  • To make out hair transplant cost in Delhi, Please call us or e-mail or you can check out in belowNor wood baldness chart.

Grade 3

  • In this grade of hair loss, patient can either proceed for hair loss treatment like laser hair treatment or PRP or go for hair transplantation surgery.
  • In this class of baldness, if patient suffer from any harmonic disorder or any side-effect of any ill health previously then patient can proceed for PRP or any hair loss treatment but if someone suffering from Male pattern baldness or irreversible hair loss or women’s thinning hair victims go for hair transplantation surgery.
  • If someone don’t have any hair on particular region or plain region of baldness then no treatment beneficial in this case only hair transplant surgery progress in it.
  • If patient was in initial stage of hair loss, then cost of hair transplantation cost is very less due to less number of follicular units necessitating for implantation.
  • Suppose a patient pursue hair implantation follicular grafts near about 2000 to 2500 grafts, the cost of hair transplant in Delhi is roughly Rs 98,000 to 1, 25,000.

Grade 4

  • In this category of hair loss only hair transplant surgery can execute and formulate permanent solution of baldness.
  • In this class of hair loss, something like 2500 to 3000 follicular grafts necessitate to conceal entire baldness region.
  • Concluding figure of follicular units totally rely on density necessitate as per client yearning as well as doctor recommended as per patient case.
  • Hair Transplant cost in Delhi Ncr Noida Gurgaon Faridabad may lie between Rs 75,000 to 98,000 as per grafts.
  • If hair transplants surgery proceed with PRP session then cost of overall package increase in Delhi clinic.

Grade 5

  • In this class of baldness, patient needs at least 3000+ follicular grafts for hair implantation.
  • If patient go for hair grafting between 3000 to 4000 grafts then this hair transplant execute in two sessions in FUE and one session in FUHT.
  • Approximate timing a doctor take is to perform single session near about 6 to 8 hour in single day sitting.
  • Cost of grade 5 hair transplantation is approximatelyRs 1, 50,000 if patient desire moderate density.

Grade 6

  • In class 6 baldness, patient require near about 5000 follicular units for moderate density and Grade 6 hair transplant necessitate 2 session of surgeries an each session at least take 8 hours to accomplish.
  • If patient desire low density then doctor can accomplish 3000+ follicular units n 1 or 2 sessions as per units decided.
  • In mega session of hair transplant in Delhi the average cost calculate by which can get package of hair implantation as per graft finalise in consultation.
  • If patient do not have sufficient donor area or huge area of baldness, then doctor have to exert out follicular grafts from other body parts, so in body hair transplantation in Delhi is more costly than price of FUE or FUHT.

Grade 7

  • In this category of baldness, patient necessitates more than 5000+ follicular grafts in 2 session surgery.
  • In one session of hair transplantation, plastic surgeon takes 6 to 8 hours to perform less than 3000 follicular units in FUE or less than 4000 follicular units in FUHT and less than 2000 follicular grafts in Body hair transplant.
  • The Cost of Body Hair Transplant in Delhi is almost double than convention FUHT or FUE which have almost half price.
  • In latent stage of baldness, as per graft cost is very high so in that we offer package of hair transplantation in Delhi by which patient can get the best cheapest charges for overall hair restoration.