What is Alopecia Areata? Posted March 27, 2017


About Alopecia Areata:

It is an autoimmune disease i.e. the healthy tissues are attacked by body immune system moderately than the nasty pathogens. For treating alopecia areata there is no permanent solution. To help in prevention of hair loss as well as stimulating hair growth there are some treatments available. To restore your hair in a healthy condition breakage is averted and this is overall focus of these therapies for strengthening roots of hair, scalp and fibre.

The Therapies include:  

Anti-oxidants and smoothing benefits of keratin.

  1. Scalp ageing controlling
  2. Deep Cleansing
  3. Ensures root, scalp as well as hair shaft nourishment by thermal penetration and deeper hydration. To energize hair roots, scalp is made healthy as well as hair fibres are strengthened the aim of these therapies should be to achieve the abovementioned objectives by using phytonutrient extracts, nourishing oils, minerals, vitamins as well as plant peptides.
  4. Enhancement of blood circulation by stimulating hair roots
  5. Sustenance of hair shaft and scalp

To prevent alopecia areata and hair fall, strengthening of the hair roots is of primary importance. 

  1. Hair Root Therapy 

Use of vitamins and plant extracts for naturally injecting into the hair roots through micro injections is the most effective therapy. It rejuvenates hair follicles and prevent hair fall and thinning of hair. 

  1. Hair Root Activation Laser Therapy and Low Level Laser Therapy

To increase the blood flow and to stimulate the cells in scalp for better growth of hair, this treatment incorporates high-intensity light rays.

  1. PRP- Natural Hair Rejuvenation 

Under PRP therapy for natural hair rejuvenation, the procedure focuses on using the blood plasma of your body. As blood plasma is rich in platelet and is utilized to make hair follicles healthier for healthy growth of hair.

  1. Hair Infusion with Nutrients

To penetrate deeply inside the scalp and to strengthen the cells and promote growth of hair, under this procedure a combination of nutrients is prepared containing charged ions.

Due to the attack of immune system on the cells of your scalp, as mentioned above alopecia areata is caused. Under this condition volume of lost hair is different for different people and it generally occurs suddenly causing balding patches instead of leading to complete baldness or a permanent arrest on the growth of hair.


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